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About Me

My name is Dyvine and since I was little I've loved writing. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I've always been involved with expressing myself creatively. I've written in renowned magazines since age 11, started a baking company - at 14 and again at 20, I've had a vlog with my brother at 13 where we got to interview celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Herman Jose, Kat Graham, Trish Stratus and alot more. I've written multiple songs that have aired on the radio and I am currently working with my partner to create the best Airbnb Village here in Portugal. 

Above all else, I love to travel to learn about new cultures, meet new people, expand my perspective and of course - try new food!

I'm basically married to my childhood crush - MIRACLES DO EXIST! I'm into Alan Watts, Osho, and Eckart Tolle. I'm a strong believer that how we treat others and ourselves sets the foundation for our life. The only thing that truly matters is the people we help in the tiniest ways along the way in our journey of life. I strive to keep my vibration high, I'm into natural healing, binural beats and herbs - yes cannabis included - I've seen first hand the medicinal benefits it has.

This is me and I truly hope this blog helps people all across the globe have awesome experiences with the people they love.


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