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How it all started; Vacationsita is born.

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Get to know me and why I started this blog - an intro into how Vacationista came to be.

As some of you may already know, I recently moved from Toronto to an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean - one of 9 beauties of the archipelago of Azores, Portugal... They. Are. Magic.

From my early teens to my twenties, I spent almost every summer in São Miguel, the largest and most developed island in the Azores. From the very first time visiting, I knew I would end up making Azores my home - but never like this, not the way it happened.

With Covid restrictions becoming increasingly smothering in Ontario, Canada, and the freedom that my online job gave me, I felt that the Universe was pushing me and my partner, Nathan aka @travelmonkey, to take the leap. Somehow, by some miracle, my family ended up coming with us - I know right, crazy!!

Now we are just trying to get Nathan’s family over and it will be a full mission accomplished!

“Don't be afraid to take that leap into the unknown” - Richard Branson

My family had already started a tour company in Pico Island, the second largest island in Azores, and home to the tallest point in all of Portugal. So despite my original plans of moving to São Miguel, we all moved to Pico island instead. Pico - or “peak” in English, is majestic. The giant mountain at the heart of the island, vineyards the veins, endless greenery and crystal clear waters. It’s like stepping back in time or into an African lush garden, it is, for lack of better words - a Virgin island.

Since I’ve been getting many of my friends and new people I meet asking me to share my travel experiences so they can know what to do and where to eat, I’ve decided this blog is my solution! Vacationista is going to let you in on the best things to do, see and eat in the places I’ve travelled to - and I’m going to give you my honest opinion, tips and recommendations for each. I'd like to think I have good taste, so you should be in for a treat.

My style of travelling is very mixed; I like off the beat, raw experiences as much as I love to indulge in luxuries. I like exploring, mountains and forests as much as I like beaches, lounge bars and relax days. And I like about all types of restaurants, seriously, travel = food. With this is mind, I have something for everyone in my travel blogs, and I hope you have the same kick-ass experiences I got to have along the way!

Because of Covid restrictions, my immediate travel plans consist of travelling the islands of the Azores - which are bound to blow your mind!

Thanks for reading and hope to talk with you more along my journey :)

You can follow me on Instagram @im_vacationista to keep up to date with my next blogs!


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