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Most Budget-Friendly Stay in Terceira

A nature lovers paradise!

On our journey for our weekend stay in Terceira - which turned into a week eventually (read about the adventure here), we decided to spend 2 nights in the Banana Eco Camp. After all, we love nature and we love bananas so we figured this would be a unique experience to try.

It was a huge add-on that it was only €30 a night!!

Just a 10-minute drive west of Angra you will find this very secluded (we spent a little while trying to find it the first day with two dead cell phones :)) super cool banana camp.

Now I can’t say that this was your typical stay. Think about it like camping but a little nicer - you could call it glamping. If you want a whole lot of nature and community vibes this is the spot.

The kitchen, washrooms, and showers are shared spaces and then there are little stationed tipi rooms between endless banana trees.

The cabins are all named differently, each named after different fruits that they grow on the property! There was passion fruits, avocado, coffee, banana, and much more. We stayed in the cabin called Coffee :)

The cabin is a cute triangle tipi with a double bed inside and a cute little veranda with a couch and a small table.

The beds were pretty comfortable and they decorated it so beautifully with lights inside the cabin.

It should be noted that there are alottt of spider webs and huge spiders because apparently, spiders love bananas!

I'm pretty scared of spiders so we ran out to get a strong bug spray which we sprayed in the morning so that by night it would be clear. The spray also helped with mosquitos and I suggest you bring your own too.

They have an awesome fire pit area where people get together at night and make popcorn, exchange stories, & look at the stars!

In fact, what I loved the most about the Banana Eco Camp was how it brought people together. It allowed us to make friends from all over the world: a lovely couple from Spain, two girls from across the Azores, and a cool couple from Italy! Meeting these new friends became a huge highlight on our trip.

They also have a cute hammock area - who doesn’t love hammocks?!

The showers were very clean. Just don’t forget to bring your own sandals, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner because you don’t want to end up forgetting these must-have items (wish I read this blog before I went). Luckily for me, one of our new friends left their 2 in one there and we were able to use it (thanks whoever you are!!)

The washrooms … let’s just say we had to bring our bug spray in there too. Unless you want to be the next person screaming in a squat at 1 in the morning when you see the biggest spider you’ve seen in your entire life (also aka me). However, the toilets were very clean.

In all honesty, I think I would have had an even better time at Banana Eco Camp if I had come more prepared with proper hygiene tools like toilet paper and wipes and shampoo etc.

It would have been nice to have the washrooms a bit further than the kitchen area for more privacy but again this is a camping experience people.

Still, being surrounded by all the bananas, the cute fire pit, the great people we would have never met otherwise, and being pretty close to the centre, this place is the perfect camping ground for nature enthusiasts looking for a real forest camping feel but in a heavier duty cute tipi.

Overall, I had a great camping experience at Banana Eco Camp. There was a bit of room for improvement on the things I touched above (like vacuuming out the tipis to control the spiders), but that’s just me - let me add this was my second time ever camping, so I know all the camping experts are laughing at me right now! xD

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, nature-filled, budget-friendly accommodation in Terceira, this is where you should stay.

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